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best of world cup 2014 । part 3

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  • salazar: hey everyone just wanted your opinion on something
  • helga: shoot
  • salazar: okay what if we get giant versions of our house symbols
  • rowena: what
  • salazar: like godric would have a giant lion chilling out somewhere and rowena would have a big canary
  • rowena: its an eagle
  • salazar: okay whatever
  • godric: i dont think uh
  • salazar: it cant be too hard to find a huge badger
  • godric: okay dude wtf no this is ridiculous absolutely no giant house symbols
  • salazar: oh um okay because i kind of uh
  • helga:
  • rowena:
  • godric:
  • salazar:
  • helga: what did you do
  • salazar: NOTHING
  • Dean opens the door to the bunker closet to retrieve a broom but opens the door to find Castiel standing there.
  • Cas: "Dean."
  • Dean: "Cas! What the hell are you doing in there?!"
  • Cas: "I was looking for you and Sam informed me that you were in the closet and refused to come out, so I came to retrieve you and locked myself in."
  • Dean: .......
  • Dean: "SAM!"
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'Blah' — charcoal drawing

I was bullied by gaysweaters and rubycurls into drawing this. Look out for the charcoal tutorial that goes with this in the next few days aha :) x
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    WHERE WE ARE TOUR: Zayn in Colombia [ 25.04.14 ]
    Zayn, what is your favorite place in the world? At this exact moment in time, my favorite place in the world is Bogotá!

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Ten is obviously better at this. He doesn’t even have to watch what he’s doing.
    <---DONT REMOVE---->